Here we want to explain the theme behind “HARITHASA” intervention. No other organization is working in our operational area,even we are far away from the sophisticated world. The entire area seems to be very backward. And hence, we’ve taken initiative and floated this particular organization to work for the global & rural cause simultaneously. No doubt “HARITHASA” perspective is to work against Global warming. It is the major global issue currently irrespective of country and region. Hence , there is a strong need to fight against this cause. This way “HARITHASA” is going to be one of the weapons to fight against “GLOBAL WARMING” and it serves in many other areas to work for the welfare of the most vulnerable and down trodden.

To move thousands of miles, the very first step is mandatory. And hence “HARITHASA” chosen entire Nathavaram mandal (Vizag Dist) and part of Kotananduru & Rowthulapudi mandals (E.G. Dist) to be its operational area and initiated its activities.

What we do:

role is to be an enabler and a catalyst between the corporate and the needy and also to work with the global to gross-root level organizations. And  to act like a platform for the people those who are with noble thoughts and charitable mind & environmentalists coming together from different walks of life to protect the environment and to do something for the society.

Our MPDO and NYK representative Mr.Ram Prasad are seen in the youth awareness campaign supported by us in our office premises.

We provide drinking water facility for the passengers during hot summer season. Below photos indicates the same

Our Statutory Status :   

  • Societys Registration ACT - 2001-178/2008 dated 5/3/2008
  • PAN # AAAth7064H
  • Registrered with Incometax dept,Govt of india under section 12A
  • Income Tax Exemption certification under section 80-G of I.T. Act,Govt. of india.

Our Executive Committee:

S.No Name of the Member Designation Photograph
1 A. Naga Raju President  
2 G. Siva Kumar Vice-President  
3 P.V.V.Ramakrishna Secretary
4 G. Sanyasi Naidu Jt-Secretary  
5 M.Kondababu Treasurer Scaned Copy
6 P.Satya Kumari Member  
7 J. Srinivas Member  
8 A.V.Lakshmi Member  
9 G.V.S.R.S.N. Murthy Member  
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