• To develop the adopted Villages into model Villages through integrated Socio-Economic activities.
  • Socio-economic and educational development to physically and mentally Handicapped children such as deaf & dumb, blind etc.
  • To take up Projects/schemes for promoting the Social and Economic welfare for the enlistment of the public.
  • To establish and operate Old age homes for the older persons and infirm.
  • Construction & maintenance of schools, houses, roads, bridges, check dams etc. including rural Electrification and drinking water Supply.
  • To take up programs and Projects such as establishment, maintenance and support of Educational Institutions.
  • To take up relief and rehabilitation programs against Natural calamities such as Earthquakes, Fire accidents and to take up Medical relief programs.
  • To provide 25% of organizational employment exclusively for physically challenged.
  • To extend fulltime support to the families of War victims.
  • To render services related to health and Medical aid and relief and also maintenance and support of Health Institutions, organizing related programs.
  • Conducting Medical and Health related programs for Public awareness in diseases control, sanitation, health Education and immunization, family planning and to organize multipurpose health workers training, mobile Clinics and the training of village’s health guides.
  • To conduct Income generative programs and to encourage self employment schemes to relieve unemployment through Artisan skill development and Agro-based food production etc. by promoting Cottage Industries.
  • To extend help for the rural farmers while providing farming loans directly or through designated Banks or financial institutions during harvesting season to protect them from Private Financiers.
  • To take up live stock programs such as dairy, animal husbandry, veterinary services, fisheries, prawn culture, aquaculture and agriculture.
  • To work for the Conservation of Natural aqua resources, Soil erosion, Petro chemical deterioration, Water resources and plan for controlled usage.
  • To work for soil conservation/Bird Sanctuary/Wild life preservation and development of Botanical garden.
  • To undertake and support educational activities relevant to the environmental problems.
  • To generate mass consciousness for conservation of Natural resources and natural Aqua resources.
  • Development of Green Belts along the road sides in the entire operational area.
  • To grow Herbal and Medicinal plants within the organization’s in house garden.
  • To promote the taste in fine arts, literature and enlighten the hidden talents among the young Generations.
  • To promote culture such as Drama, Dance, Theatre, Music, Fine arts and Literature.
  • To preserve, propagate and promotion of the Indian culture.
  • To build/repair/reconstruction of Monuments such as Temples & Churches.

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