The Orgn stresses the need of every ones role in Protecting ENVIRONMENT from severe Global warming and to eradicate max usage of Plastic Material. HARITHASA wants to send message to the Public about the need of growing Greenery. In this connection, it appeals each and every Human Being to contribute something for the sake of Global cause. Hence, HARITHASA here by invites everybody to join their hands together  to discard all kinds of Pollution and to build a “GREEN WORLD” with developed Rural areas to see a Beautiful tomorrow.

  • To see the Rural Villages in our operational area be totally free from both  Maternal & Child Mortality rate upto the Max extent.
  • To empower the capacities of the Women in terms of Income, Awareness, and implementation.
  • To see the Villages in our Operational area with 100% Hygiene & Sanitational awareness and implementation.
  • To see that the farmers are using new Methodologies and techniques in Cultivation and aware of Govt. Schemes & Policies.
  • To see that there should be no Thumb Impression People.
  • To see that all the road sides, Waste lands and River banks are covered with Green belts.
  • All the Schools both Govt. and Private Management are covered with Trainings on Environmental issues.
  • To see that the Public is aware of the Significance & Importance of Indian Culture.
  • As a whole our Vision is to convert the operational area into a Demonstration site w.r.t all interventions.

  • To provide opportunities for those who are physically and or economically challenged while providing 25% of the organizational Employment.
  • To act like a bridge between the Corporate and the needy down Trodden and Rural Sector.
  • While doing so actively, contribute to the Growth of the Societal needs/requirements.
  • To enhance the capacities of the rural & tribal students to global standards working with existing educational institutions in rural and tribal areas.

To see that we achieve all our Targets mentioned in our Vision by 2025.

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