We have adopted a tiny Tribal Village Dharmavaram Agraharam in Nathavaram Mandal of Visakhapatnam district to convert that Village to be a Model Village wrt four Thrust areas. i.e. Water Conservation, Sanitation & Hygiene, Mother&Child care and Environment Protection.

What Harithasa will do and how?

wrt Water conservation: We would like to construct Rain Water harvesting Pits around and inside this Village.
wrt Sanitation & Hygiene: We will go ahead and construct individual Sanitary latrines (ISLs) for each and every house in this village as nobody is having ISL.

Note: It reveals that people in this Village are suffering with Cholera and Diarrohead like diseases due to lesser sanitation environment due to open defecation practices by the Villagers. Because of this we have chosen this program to eradicate open defection and see the people over there with more sophisticated hygiene practices.

wwrt Mother&Child care: We will employ our trined Volunteer in this Village to take care of Pregnat and lactating Women community and to educate them on relevant best practices.

Note: Almost all the School going children are seen Malnourished here as their Parents are not having proper knowledge and their vulnerability. Hence, besides Capacity building, we would like to distribute Nutritious supplements to the needy children. And we will supply Iron tablets to the Adolescent girls, Pregnant and lactating Women Community in the village with the help of Govt.line department. A regular practice is essential in this case. Our Volunteer will monitor and track the progress and guide the beneficiaries accordingly going for regular House Visit.

wrt Environment Protection: We will Plant the Trees having Medicinal values and other along the road sides tend to this village from its neghbour Village against Global warming.

Besides these four interventions, we focus on minimum infrastructural facilities like formation and maintenance of roads and drainage system and construction of Compound wall and digging a well in the Burial ground of the Village.

Plea for the Visitors of this Website: We invite suggestions from the Senior individuals and senior organizations to correct ourselves and hence please Contact us and we beg for your kind support for this worthy and Noble cause.

We have initiated this Noble programme on 4th March 2012 in the EVE of formation of Harithasa foundation. Mr. Kadambari Kiran Kumar, a well known TV and film actor graced the "BHOOMI POOJA" for water harvesting pit besides divisional revenue administrative officer Mr. Sundar rao. Few of the photographs are here under



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